Sam Adams

The Mayor on how "It Gets Better."


I'm one of the straight folk who has been fighting for gay rights for over 25 years now. I remember, while in the USAF overseas in Germany, being the only straight boy at a secret underground party of all servicemen and woman -years before "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".
You should be able to marry Sam. Of course.
But don't try to tell me that elective genital mutilation should be covered by tax dollars.…
I am also a straight man although I don't feel my sexual orientation matters on this. I am a tax payer in this lovely city of Portland and I am 100% behind Sam on this! If this helps even ONE person live a more happy and fulfilled life because of a gender reassignment then my bucks were more than well spent. You can't put a price tag on happiness. "It gets better when we make it better" Count me in for trying to make it better! Peace & Love...
And what about those for whom the surgery makes suicidal?
Hmmm, does "Michael" = Amy Ruiz?
Its a medical issue...medical care should be available. To say being transsexual is a choice would be ignoring the scientific evidence that the limbic system of their brain seems to be of opposite gender. Why this happens to them I haven't a clue...but there is clearly something wrong. Some argue its a ppurely psychological disorder...which is more common thinking in the USA and Canada...but there seems to be more and more professionals calling for it to be removed from the DSM. And on top of all really doesn't cost much to include them in coverage. Personally I don't want my tax dollars going towards a medical plan that would not include treatment for people who need it. Also, yeah - there seems to be a small %age of people who regret surgery...but that is a problem of proper diagnosis not with the surgery. Most transsexuals commit suicide before transition or during...not after.
Sam is such a fucking tool. I'm a bi man in my 50's. I grew up on the coast also, in a logging town a lot rougher than the one he grew up in. I never had any problems, even though I was out to my friends. Maybe he got fucked with because he's a moron, not because of his sexuality. I'm not buying his victimhood bullshit.

And for Christ's sake Sam, quit badrapping the coast. Have you been there in the last 20 years? The best accomadations to be had in Manzinta are Coastal Cabins, owed by an openly gay couple. (Who by the way, are very prominent and repected members of the community.) The place is beautiful, but I doubt you could afford the $300 a night fee, given you total incompetence with money.

And by the way, you didn't "marry" any same sex couples. The Oregon Constitution, by a majority vote of the people, defined "marriage" as between a man and a woman. I didn't agree with the vote, but then again, I didn't agree with the vote to put the current idiot in the White House. Pluralistic democracy can suck sometimes, but it beats the alternative.
Does getting a face lift get covered by tax dollars or a women getting breast implants because she just wants them larger? If the answer is no than I don't see why getting a sexual operation should be considered any different from that. It's not like they are fucking burn victims and need new skin graphed on their face. They have a mental disorder and logically that should be covered by themselves. Greedy dicks!