It's Hard Out Here for a "B"

The Plight of Bisexuals in 2015


Why are you citing statistics relative to heterosexuals? You're calling for more inclusivity within the LGBQTA community, correct? Also, saying that "zero dollars" benefited bi-specific programs is slightly ridiculous, as if there is a a plethora of such. Can you name an LGBTQA organization that has denied benefits to a bisexual?
I fully acknowledge that bisexuals are frequently erased in many aspects of gay politics, media, and representations. More than anything, I think they are absolutely and inherently included in the current equality battle.
Excellent piece Logan! Pinkie, at the 2013 Bisexual Community Issues Roundtable at the White House, bisexual organizers presented testimony of bisexual people denied services and routed to mainstream orgs who then also denied them things like domestic violence shelters. But hey, read the reality of how we are explictly not being served.

Usually the next point in this argument is to say "well bi people in same sex couples are being fought for along with everyone else who is gay and lesbian". Sadly, that's not the case either when the life expectancy is so much lower, rape rates so much higher...and don't forget bi people double their chances of getting beat on a Saturday night by partners of various genders.

That data? All bi data? Has supported the creation of an LGbT ecosystem that pointedly ignores its most populous members while a mainstream society has risen at the same time to utilize bisexuality to sell its products.

Which of course gives everyone the idea that we're all doing great in bi land when every piece of data says very different, and has for nearly 30 years.

Bisexuality is an ingrained into the LGBT community as the rainbow itself, and bi, pan, fluid members have contributed more than enough to be recognized as deserving of support that specifically targets bi, pan, fluid, and queer community members.

#RememberAdamKizer #MakeItToTomorrow
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Pinkie, how about you turn your challenge around and see how many LGBTQ organizations have a single project, program, or resource targeting bisexual community members, ya know since its "LGBTQ" and such?
Asking for clarification is not a challenge and I'm sorry you take it as such. I'm genuinely glad you could use this as a platform for your cause.
Thank you Logan. The bisexual community appreciates your accuracy and support.
And no we are not included. We would know.