Sex Jun 18, 2009 at 4:00 am

Or, My Brief Encounter with Portland's Swinger Community (and the Biggest Sex Toy I've Ever Seen)

Illustration by Jay Howell


So where does one find these parties?
Thanks for a well written, balanced and humorous view of a world most people pre-judge before knowing anything about. The author definitely did his homework, and wasn't afraid to actually connect with the subject of the article before writing about it. Very Cool. And by the way there's probably a swinging couple in everyones neighborhood.
The only thing worse than talking about sex, is hearing about rugs of meat in swinger buffets.
Wow, this was very well written. It showed me the lighter side of swingers as apposed to the sleazy part I have heard about or seen.

I'm a whatever floats your boat kind of person... its not my place to tell anyone what to do with their sexy bits. But I also know swinging isn't for me, and won't ever be. The idea of someone else screwing my wife is unacceptable. It works for others, fine I get and support that.

What I don't get is why some swingers flaunt it? I've seen packs of them out at bars whooping it up, and passing the women around like a peace pipe. We don't need to watch middle aged men finger fucking a 20 something in a bar while SO's are looking on. Watching some of the older women try to be cougars and chase the 20 something's around is pathetic too.

Wanna swing? Great, go to a swingers club, bar, or house party. Just don't put yourself on display.
Craigslist is overfilled with swingers, both inexperienced and experienced. For the most part it is relatively easy to find eager couples willing to meet to determine chemistry, and then move on to a $40/hotel or hosted house from there.

I wonder how this club will compete with "free?"
that may have been the biggest sex toy you've ever seen but the worlds biggest albino burmese python will be at the wonder ballroom on 7th july as part of the jim rose circus vs jake the snake tour!
I have been in the Lifestyle for about 20 years. Got married about five years ago and opened up to her about swinging (before we got married of course) and now she loves to go to the club with me. Because of our very public professions we go to the New Horizons club in Lynnwood. I've been to numerous clubs and it's the best in the West! Although I havn't been to the new Portland club. The orgies, threeways etc are fantastic. There are all sizes shapes and colours of people from every walk of life. Most pratice safe sex (as safe as possible) with condoms etc.

The Lifestyle isn't for everyone, especially the faint of heart!
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Rocked my World with my Girl‎ My first club Sesso Experience.

My girl is a an ex centerfold (and still could be) model and has been to over 12 clubs, I've never been until last night. It was the one year anniversary and I'm telling you she said she'd never been to better.

The guy who runs the place has run other places (she knows him) and he's put together basically a nightclub where people can fuck. I'm more of a cluber than a swinger, but if you like to drink dance fuck and see other people go at it this club is for you.

The crazy thing about a swingers club is that people are more respectful than at a normal club. There's NO TOUCHING without asking so don't even dream of it. Having said that, expect people to be checking you out and possibly approaching you and asking some pretty direct questions.

After a bottle of champagne I decided to fuck her in ass while people whatched as she held her high heels behind her back then I pulled it out and she sucked me off. It was un-fucking believable. It was in a private room where people can whatch if you open the curtain, and we had it open. However there was quite a crowd gathering so I closed if after a while as , well, you can if you want to.

My girl got on the stripper pole and pulled a show, kissed a gorgeous girl and had FUCKING FUN. No one hassled us and the security was stylish and the crowd pretty cool.

I forgot to use the sex swing. I can't really say what it would be like as a single guy, I'd recommend bringing a partner but it beats the hell out of a "strip" club hands down. You can also hit the floor if you that way inclined or just whatch!

Thanks Paul!

- Murray
my wife has been trying to get me to go out and find random people and be kinky so ok where do we go
im jason and my wife is the one all ready for this can any woman explain how this works
got to log off but i can get a call if someone can can us going the right direction 503-810-5693
"Everyone here seems hungry, especially the single males, some of whom eat as if they've come specifically for the food and could care less about the..."

COULDN'T care less.

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