Sex, Justice, and the American Way

Hustler Publisher Larry Flynt on How Sex Has Shaped American Politics and the World


So the american way is to go to thailand and rape children and get away with it? Nah, it's to do all those things and get PAID for it! Fuck Flynt and Julian Assange.
I am absolutely livid that the Portland Mercury is promoting this racist, misogynistic scumbag's book. Larry Flynt hides behind Free Speech when he's called out for making his fortune off of exploiting women, jokes about raping children, abusive treatment of women in his magazines and his pseudo child franchise barely legal. Would you promote the book of a neo-nazi? You might as well because portraying this man as anything other than the despicable cretin he is is no different. In fact you'll find some of the most racist imagery in the pages of Hustler magazine. Good to know the Portland Mercury takes a "progressive" stand on this issue. Meaning they don't take a stand or have any standards whatsoever.

Stop Porn Culture PDX! will be protesting outside Powells on Friday. I hope others will join us in taking a stand against misogyny, racism and pedophilia.
Richard: Erm, when did Assange "go to thailand and rape children and get away with it"? By all means tell us more, but please link to your source material.
Whatever one thinks about Larry Flynt, it has to be said that the guy sure did a good job of taking down fanatical right-wing christians several pegs, even when one of then attempted to murder him and remains un-identified to this day.

And much support to Julian Assange for WiKileaks as well.
He may be correct about WikiLeaks, but still... LF is a man of highly dubious character.
Why is there a Ran Paul ad at the bottom of this page?!
This is the second time this year I've had to protest an event at Powell's--first Tucker Max and now this grotesque misogyny!!!! Censorship smensorship--there is a time and place for such things and I, personally, don't feel Powell's is the place! And shame on you Mercury!! Oh, wait--I forgot for a moment that you too profit off victimizing woman--you should rename your publication Pimp Daddy and stop trying to hide behind the front of a legitimate magazine!!! I am a survivor of prostitution/porngraphy and all you yahoos out there that try and convince the masses that "sex work" is not only an acceptable way to make $, but that it is empowering as well, have it all wrong. I found NOTHING empowering in having every orifce in my body ripped and torn until bloody--and that is an unavoidable side effect of "sex work" at one point or another. Misogyny by any other name still smells like smegma and still results in violence towards women--it is not the newest hip trend to jump on--so jump off and come join me at Powell's to protest this travesty!!!
Valerie, you need to be bitch-slapped in the worst way.

I dunno about the Assange deal in one respect - if he put our servicemen and woman in any harm.
Anti-porn feminists. Maaan. That shit's just sad. I'm not saying Larry Flynt is a stand-up guy or anything, but wtf does him being a creepy sleaze-merchant have to do with the content of this book, or the content of this article? At least Tucker Max's book was a collection of stories about him being a drunk sexist jerk. A book about the sexual proclivities of Presidents is sexist how, exactly? Because they were all men? I don't get it. It seems like you just want to protest him on general principle, rather than any meaningful grievance. I mean, why not set up shop outside Ron Jeremy's sex club and yell at the women who go in? You could tell them how they're gender-traitors who are perpetuating porn culture and harming women everywhere by attending a place owned by someone who made their money in porn.

Seriously, the anti-porn feminists are raging, idiotic extremists, following a knee-jerk reaction that leads them to anti-women slut-shaming bullshit positions.

Thanks for confirming your misogyny. A woman talks about the abuses she has dealt with and you decide she needs even more violence inflicted on her.
Yeah - how could I pass up a chance to use the term 'bitch-slap' in regard to a anti-porn crusader?
Maybe it was too easy though.
I thought the whole idea of this article was primarily about Wikileaks and all the SERIOUS shit concerning that? How did we get side-tracked soo soon?
The fact that many fellow leftists are so easily duped by a high and mighty corporate pimp because he throws what amounts to a few bucks to him at wikileaks is pathetic. If we're gonna talk about president's sex lives lets talk about Larry Flynt's. His daughter is included in his.

Yes we are protesting Larry Flynt, because he's a scumbag that should be hounded wherever he goes for what he's made his money doing. He's a union buster, he's a misogynist, he's a racist, he's everything one would think a progressive Portlander would be against.

As for the sexist idiot attacking a woman who has already experienced a lifetime of violence that a punkass like you couldn't ever fucking bear - You need to get pimp-slapped.

And the other guy talking about slut shaming? Have you ever opened a hustler? If that's anything other than slutshaming and abusing women I've got a bridge to sell ya.
I've never been a Hustler fan, always thought it stupid, but I would like to buy terristrange a subscription.
I must've missed the memo that said all Portlanders were supposed to be lock step progressives.