Who did the illustration?
Kurt McRobert!
I didn't realize that the Merc even had an animal sex survey every year.
That's not animal sex Just Keep Moving, that's anal sex, you moron!
I looked at it and nah. Portland is one of the most openly kinky cities in the country. This survey does not allow most of the people I know to effectively participate because we are swingers but to the nth degree. Some (not me) are polyamorous and have multiple relationships. Others (like me) have a partner and go out with their partner to adult theaters and ABS and play with some anon and some we know. Your questions are tailored to people with only one partner. My partner and I have sex every day for hours. I like gangbangs and fucked about 40 dudes other than my partner this month....about 7 anon, 10 repeats, and 23 who I always show up for me. When I do gangbangs they get 5 minutes each but can get back in line. When I do smaller groups with my fwb it's 20 to 40 minutes. He picks up chicks there too and sometimes at bars. So when you say for how long do you have sex with your regular partners....I say ha! Which ones?

You don't even have huge, well-known sites like Adult Friend Finder, Fetlife and Brent's Theater Tails on there! Neither were adult stores or theaters mentioned as sex places. Not everyone is all pathetic and dumb and takes everyone they fuck home. It's just sad, although not as sad as the fact that people probably do get all hot and bothered reading it. But wtf do I know? Not like I had the most read blog submissions back when I bothered til I got tired of getting stupid e-mails from posers.

P.S. There are thousands of us here. Bwahahahaha. Have fun with your lame 'look at me tryna pretend like I'm educated, open-minded, sexually liberated, and getting laid' survey. Keep having sad 'nilla sex all pretentious like though...more for me and mine. Posers suck!
What's the "survey code"?
Was kinda fun. While l'm not as freaky as RAHA-SANA, l must admit the questions and options were mostly pretty vanilla and not what l expected from "Portland's most awesome weekly paper". Only three options for orientation? And not a single question on gender identity? Really?? Sorry Bri but you need to read more Dan Savage and/or get (in and) out more. And next year at least have a lot more "check all that apply" and "fill in the blank" options so us freaks can really tell it like it is. Just sayin!

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