NOW YOU SEE ME 2 None of these people want to be here.

STUDIO EXECUTIVE 1: I want more money. Let's make an unnecessary sequel.

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SE1: How about Now You See Me? That was a movie.

SE2: I forgot about that movie until just now, when you reminded me that it existed. Was this that relatively contained dumpster fire about sexy magicians?

SE1: Yes. The greatest magic trick from the original is that it made viewers almost immediately forget it. This will make the sequel very easy. Because who cares? Nobody!

SE2: Sweet!

SE1: I bet all those guys from the first one would come back if we give them a bunch of money. Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, and James Franco's little brother are hos. They'd do anything for a check.

SE2: But the girl from the first one—I heard she had another kid, AND she turned 40...

SE1: Gross! Let's kill her.

SE2: Wait, Lizzy Caplan is available.

SE1: Flip a coin. [Coin flips.] Okay, Lizzy Caplan it is. We'll murder Isla Fisher later.

SE2: What should the plot be?

SE1: I don't know. What was the plot of the first one? Heists? Magic?

SE2: It was like Ocean's Eleven, if Ocean's Eleven made less sense. Let's add... cards? And hypnotism?

SE1: Sure! Those things sound magical!

SE2: Totally! Let's kiss.


SE1: Wait, do we need to do more planning for this sequel?

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SE2: No. Just make it super shiny and loud. Nobody will notice it's nothing.

[Kissing resumes.]

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