Awwwwwww. Poor Jennifer Garner! Catch and Release opens with Bennifer II at a funeral. Poor Jennifer's charming, fly fisherman fiancé has died—right before their wedding—meaning that what was supposed to be Jennifer's wedding is now her fiancé's funeral! And then the flower guy shows up... with flowers! For the wedding! They forgot to tell him it was a funeral now! Oh! Such irony. Such mopey, mopey irony.

Weirdly, Jennifer quickly moves in with her dead fiancé's two pals, one boring guy (Sam Jaeger) and one loveable fat guy (Kevin Smith). And then—will these trials never cease?—Jennifer discovers that not only did her fiancé have a secret son and a secret girlfriend (Juliette Lewis, skanking it up as usual), but also, Fritz (Timothy Olyphant), another friend of her dead fiancé, is kinda hot. Oh! It's enough to make Jennifer whine about how hard life and love is! For two hours!

Written and directed by Erin Brockovich scribe Susannah Grant, Catch and Release is the sort of movie with sensitive guitar strumming, exactly one emotional breakdown per character, and bountiful product placement from Fat Tire beer(!) and Celestial Seasonings tea(?!). It's the kind of movie where the climax is soundtracked by Death Cab, and one when characters are really angry at each other, they shout things like, "Eff you!" It's also a movie where, in the first act, Silent Bob tries to kill himself. Probably so he wouldn't have to hear Jennifer Garner whine any more.