Welcome to a maximum-capacity week of film. Whether they split your side or blow your mind, the following events are all worth two hours of ass paralysis.

Film Jeopardy: Final Round

They've been separating the idiots from the idiot savants in preparation for the epic finale of Film Jeopardy. Make your presence known in the live audience: get rowdy, brush up on your film knowledge, and revel in the bone-chattering excitement of anything with a FINAL ROUND!!! Sat May 22nd, 6-10 pm, Hollywood

Inside Vinton Studios

The animators at Portland's Vinton Studios are responsible for well-known, innovative advertisements from the California Raisins to the talking M&Ms; they're less known for their ambitious short films, seldom seen outside of film festivals. Come see Mike Smith's Ananda, a technically and topically inventive love story, Melissa Mitchell's Insect Poetry, and a privileged glimpse at several works in progress. Thurs May 20, 7 pm, Guild Theatre

Best of PISS Fest

The best of the Portland International Short Short Film Fest promises cinematic spectacle at the speed of a synapse, showcasing twelve succinct creations bound to jump-start your brain. Featured pieces include Teatro Roots, the true story of a migrant labor theatre company, and Birdbeat, an animated exposé of ritual hierarchy at a bird feeder. Fri May 21, 8 pm, ITISNESS

Jane: An Abortion Service

A groundbreaking documentary about a clandestine, women-run abortion service called JANE that operated in spite of legal restrictions, taboo, and ill-informed medical practices. The screening is followed by a discussion with two Portland natives: one of the filmmakers, Nell Lundy, and Judith Arcana, a member of the JANE collective. Thurs May 20, 7 pm, 5th Avenue Cinema, free

Bolivia Crisis

Roughly 12 years after their return to democracy, Bolivia is suffering a devastating political and economic crisis. Rebelion de Trabajadoes recounts an uprising lead by the working class in response to IMF taxes. El Gas no se Vende details the paralyzing countrywide protest against a natural gas trade plan with the US. Sat May 22, 7 pm, First Unitarian Church