Breakdancing (along with bandannas and stonewashed denim) is preserved forever in these amazing films. Learn by watching, but remember these people are professionals, so don't get too ambitious--even Alfonso Ribeiro fucked up his neck on a spin.

Wild Style (1983)--Scooby-Doo!!! This is the original breakdancin', graffiti-sprayin', old school rappin' movie. Zoro is screwed: His girlfriend dissed him, some punk asses are taking credit for his work, and he's totally self-involved. Fab Five Freddy comes to his rescue, and the whole gang puts on a rap show in an old bandshell that Zoro graffs on the sly.

Breakin' (1984)--Ozone, Special K, Turbo; how could any of us forget the first breakdancing movie ever made? Kelly's a rich girl dissatisfied with her classical dance training, until she meets street-tough Ozone, falls in love, becomes Special K, combines fan kicks with the worm, and lives happily ever after... at least until Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Body Rock (1984)--Lorenzo Lamas plays Chilly D, a hunk who gives up breakin' for fame and "real dancing." Consequently, his life falls apart. Let this be a lesson to all.

Delivery Boys (1984)--This cheesy, homoerotic film is about good-hearted delivery drivers whose rival breakin' crew kidnaps them, one by one. They all end up in rather compromising situations but make it to the New York City Break-Off in the nick of time! Watch out for the guy in knee-high silver space boots, and the performance Mario Van Peebles doesn't want you to know about. Hilarious.

Beat Street (1984)--Possibly the best film ever made on the topic, concerning street kids and dramatic graffiti/breakin' warfare. Kickin' soundtrack includes Grand Master Melle Mel.