The past election turned movie theaters into a major front for cultural warfare. Though the election's over, filmmakers continue the battle with a few films coming soon to a (corporate-owned) theater near you.

Fahrenheit 9/11 1/2 (2007)--You would think after the original documentary made movie history by smashing the box office, Michael Moore would quit while he was ahead. Yet this pesky muckraker is sticking to 9/11. Luckily for Moore, Bush is generous in providing all new material. In fact, a sequel in the making means there's still a lot more we just don't know about. Take for example how Bush used the attacks to forward his warring intentions in Iraq and Afghanistan… just for example.

This Revolution (2005)--This is a story of love, war, and homeland security. Boy meets girl protesting at the Republican Convention. Boy and girl fall in love, then get arrested.

Why We Fight (2005)--At this year's Sundance Film Festival, a homage to a classic Hollywood filmmaker with a political twist took top honors. Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki pays tribute to a series of films by Frank Capra that explore the US involvement in World War II by turning the camera on Iraq--the Military Industrial Complex 50 years after Capra's time.

Liberty Bound (2004)--Filmmaker Christine Rose traveled the country following the path of destruction left by the Patriot Act after 9/11. What she discovered is the truth behind the lie that we're all a lot safer--even while it looks like Uncle Sam's clad in leather and we're his gimp.