JFK and Elvis Vs. Evil Mummy

Cinematic Brilliance in Bubba Ho-Tep


Bravo, Mr. Henricksen! The first two sentences constitute the best movie review ever written. I'm sold--will find the movie immediately!
I'm a little late to the party, but I was googling all over hell trying to match up these two words 'soul sucker' that had taken over my conscious mind with some connection to my life. Finally, after interminable pages about some musician named Amos Lee and some soul sucker in one of his songs, I get to Bubba Ho Tep. I saw the film as soon as it hit video and I'm now on my second DVD copy because someone must have taken the first one.

But I digress. You are absolutely correct that "Bubba Ho Tep might very well be the greatest film that has ever or will ever be made." It is the apex of Bruce Campbell's career, no doubt, and a courageous choice for never-miss Ossie Davis. It is perfectly plausible to me that LBJ had JFK dyed and tossed into a nut house forever. With what little of his brain was left, he wouldn't have complained much. Until he hooks up with Elvis, natch. This works. It SO WORKS.

Maybe you can gin up enough interest for there to be a revival in whatever town you're in. Portland. Maine? Oregon? I live in Phoenix so there's sadly little possiblity I could show up. Good luck.

More people need to know this truth.

Jack Lavelle - Phoenix - lavelle3@cox.net