Small-Town Crazies

Iowa: Where Corn and Zombies Are King


the original film is plain and cheese ( it was made in the 70's ) but has a very serious message. the message isnt subtle but it still strikes a cord. there are no zombies in the original and from what i can tell none in this film, just humans that have been contaminated with a chemical. anyway see the original for fun.
You're writing a review and haven't seen the original?!?!?! There's a fantastic place called Movie Madness on Belmont where you can rent it for $1.99.
Actually, i think most [older] rentals at MM are $2.50, but The Crazies might have a different price.

But yeah, it's kinda ironic that a Merc. film reviewer gave an actually GOOD/positive review to a re-make of a HORROR film, having never watched that classice original.

Personally, i saw Romero's The Crazies years ago & thought it was awesome! I watched this new film [on advanced screening] last week & thought it was one of the best re-makes ever! Very pleased with both films.