The Gods Must Be Lazy

Clash of the Titans: More "Clash," Please!


FUCK THE MERCURY. Change the title of your paper to " NAY-SAYERS WEEKLY". I don't believe I've ever seen a decent movie review in Nay-Sayers Weekly. Maybe those awesome giant scorpions could do every movie-goer a favor and stab your fucking eyes out if EVERYTHING you gaze upon displeases you.
Testy, testy.
Papa was an extra in the film.
Oh, was that Papa in that film? He sucked, too.
Way to pick an extremely shitty movie to get all upset over.
Papa needs to go to film school.
Yeah, next time pick a really great movie and get all upset over it. That makes way more sense.
Duh Jim. Trying to defend a movie like this is moronic. As are you, apparently.
"Way to pick an extremely shitty movie to get all upset over."

I know, right. You'd think they were bashing Apocalypse Now, or something.
just lettin off some steam. It was one more disapproving review before I coulnt take it anymmore...and it happened to land on Clash of the Titans.
Maybe the majority of reviews are disapproving because most movies are worthy of disapproval?

You want more enthusiastic reviews: Get better movies made. How to do that: well, the first step to that is to stop giving your money and attention - hence your endorsement - to garbage.

You want a sword-and-sandal flick worthy of approval? There's two likely contenders coming to Portland this year: Neil Marshall's Centurion and Nicolas Refn's Valhalla Rising. Wait for them before blowing your gasket.
Did the author fail to notice the attempt to turn the Greek Gods into a Judeao-Christian Pantheon? Hades represented Satan attempting to destroy Jesus-like God?I mean, really? All the other Gods were sidelined. And that the world was saved by his son? Now, luckily Perseus was not killed (or nearly crucified like Andromeda was as a scarifice for the sins of the people), but he did just dissappear and end up with Oi. And the nerd in me cried in pain at the mixing up of the Greek legends. Loosely based, oh so loosely based on Greek myths. It hurt my head.

It sucked and I went to see if slightly drunk-and it still sucked!