MacGruber: an SNL Movie That Won't Make You Want to Throw Yourself off a Freeway Overpass


Cool. I had low hopes for this one. So, glad to hear it's good!

"MacGruber is melodramatically shot and scored with the über-stylized sheen of an '80s action flick" - thank goodness.
Making us laugh sure is his Forte! Get it?
I fucking love Wayne's World.
Good to see a good movie....!
Nice to see a good movie for a change
nice to see a good movie for a change!
"Admittedly, this is at least partially due to a couple of really solid recurring jokes, chief among them the fact that Val Kilmer plays a villain named "Dieter Von Cunth,"

Explain again how a bad pun is the paramount reason I should blow my wad on the back of a cinema chair?

"Forte frequently screams directly at the camera and/or shoves celery stalks up his ass to distract evil henchmen; "
Ahhhh, slapstick of the early 90's. Do go on!

"Wiig occasionally bursts into song; "
Sweet! Why is this funny though?

"Kilmer, wearing a ponytail and a puffy face that makes him look distressingly like Steven Seagal, gleefully blows up Maya Rudolph after uttering, "Ffffffuuuuuuuuck yooooooooooooo" in slow motion. "
Is this IMDB? Why are you telling us this is where we should laugh?

"MacGruber's all over the place, shameless and willing to do whatever it can for a laugh—"
And this is a good thing?

"unlike the relatively safe SNL sketches on which it's based, this film's a hard-R, with welcome doses of profanity and blood and the most intentionally awkward sex scene since those puppets pooped on each other in Team America: World Police."
Is this film directed anywhere above the humor level of 13-year olds?

"It's pretty fantastic, is what I'm getting at, but to put it another way: When my only complaint about a movie is that it had a good opportunity to squeeze in a Richard Dean Anderson cameo but they didn't go for it, it's probably safe to give it a whole bunch of thumbs up."
What? So you are saying because of a lack of character poking fun at himself (which he's even done on SNL,) we should see this movie?