Sex, Lies, and Automatic Weaponry

The American: Jason Bourne for the Arthouse Crowd!


This is one of the worst movies of the year, sorry George, but silence and a simple plot without any compelling characters or any fleshing out of the characters is simply boring. What purpose was the Priest's role? Just who did george work for? And who were some of the central characters in the film working for or against, and why did he feel compelled to enter into another doomed relationship shortly after feeling he had to kill his last girlfriend? And when did the Swedes become a major international player? Erik, I've stated it before, you can't write a review without the word fuck in it and you really don't know anything about movies, if your paid you're doing the Merc a disservice. You remind me of the people who MC trivia nights at local bars, not very smart, but they think so.