Boy, Interrupted

Going Crazy with It's Kind of a Funny Story


Thank goodness someone finally had the courage to make a film that speaks to young white hetero males. Maybe this will inspire Electronic Arts, et al., to make video games for that grossly underserved population.
Because being CRAZY/DEPRESSED/CRAZY DEPRESSED is funny/relevant/crazy relevant.
BTW, this is not Mr. Galifinakis's first foray into serious film. His first foray into serious film is the amazing, beautiful, deeply sad, strange film "Visioneers," which somehow did not get distribution and so was not seen by many people. It is, however, available on Netflix instant-watch, and I highly recommend it. Judging on face value, which I know you aren't supposed to do, it is a very superior film to the one featured in this review. Thank you.