Western Promises

The Coens' True Grit: Yep, Westerns Are Still Badass


"As good as westerns get?" Watch a few of classics, i.e. High Noon, High Plains Drifter, The Searchers, Shane, The Wild Bunch and then make such an asinine comment. John Wayne a "Default Cowboy?" What do you know about reviewing, the Coens haven't made too many bad films, the review is usually a slam dunk but to denigrate Westerns and John Wayne shows your lack of film viewership, every great actor has made Westerns, Crowe, Brando, Stewart, Ladd, Cooper, Redford, Newman, Nicholson, Eastwood, Duvall and now even Bridges, the list goes on and on but I digress.
Fill your hands you sons of bitches !!!!!