When Japanese Schoolgirls Attack

The Portland International Film Fest—Now with Mutants!


I, for one, am looking forward to Potiche, which looks fun. I'm an unapologetic Depardieu fan -- still remember him from the days of 1900, Loulou & My American Uncle, back when French & Italian cinema were riding a late 70s high and the roles were interesting. As for the PIFF, there's enough films to keep a film nerd busy. I'm sure Certified Copy and Uncle Boonmee will find wider distribution this year, but until then they're the crown jewels of the festival. I'm interested to see the Princess of Montpensier, since Bertrand Tavernier is always worth a glance at least. I'm probably more thrilled than most to see Marta Meszaros's The Last Report on Anna surfacing here, and look! Carlos Sauros made another movie about flamenco dancing. Why not?
The 'AfterDark' series looks really good. Hopefully, i can check that one out.