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It Took Every Fiber of My Being To Not Title This Review "Apepocalypse Now"


This is a great review, very funny!
Here's another alternate title for yas: Chimps Ahoy!
So you're saying that this movie (alternate title: "Citizen Kane 2: Return to San Simian") is the ape-ex of the summer movie season so far?
Can you please not write like a 12 year old? I realize you must be at least twice that age and are a nerd, but if this is what passes for a review, albeit on another bullshit blockbuster I'm stunned you get payed. Nice job of dissing the Oscar winning 1968 original.....because its like old and stuff. Idiot
Mercury writers don't get paid, Showstopper. They submit their crappy writing for free in the hopes of getting published bylines and maybe enough hipster cred to be able to sleep with some overweight girls with bad skin. And the original sucked. If every movie that won an Oscar was actually good, we'd have to come to the conclusion that Titanic was one of the best films ever made by mankind.
"handedly saved 2011 from another underwhelming blockbuster season."

This doesn't make sense.
@Rip City Hustle, yeah, it was'nt great. What you posted was mean....and funny as fuck! Thanks