Lost Highway

Nicolas Winding Refn, Drive, and the Perfect Drug


Can't wait! I loved the video games on PS1 back in the day. I am sure this Refn will treat the mythology of driving on roads with all right angles with the respect it deserves, just like he did with the movie about the Pringles guy.
Hated it. Your review had my hopes way up high. But I still would have hated it. I love these kind of movies, but this was so over the top stylized, and too little substance. Love Ryan Gosling, usually, love Cary Mulligan, Bryan Cranston was wasted in a nothing role, Albert Brooks was playing himself but he occasionally goes violent--nothing good about his performance whatsoever. And the plot was ridiculously hard to believe. I won't do any spoilers, but much of what happens is absolutely, positively preposterous. Completely unbelievable, even for the movies. Don't say I didn't warn you.
This is why no one likes you Trew.