Meryl Streep Doing an Accent

The Iron Lady: Even Worse Than the Falklands War


Did the movie even cover that she bashed the British Working class, including the poll tax and its subsequent riots?!?!?!

It sounds like the biopic has become another name for revisionist history.

(Also fuck Thatcher everyday)
Agreed. Thatcher and Reagan (btw) - two tyrannical partners-in-warcrimes.
Another reason why it would have been for Britain to elect a Labour government in 1983 or 1987...we'd have been spared THIS movie(and Tony Blair as well).
Sorry, that should have been "another reason why it would have been BETTER for Britain to have elected a Labour government in 1983 or 1987..."
This is the best review I've ever read.
I sadly had to review this for a film blog and I picked out all the same things as you. So cliche, so boring.

Some grey hairs actually clapped after that Hawaii line. I could not wait to get out of that theater.
Are you people a bunch of idiots. Oh wait, you are. The Falkland Islands are part of Britain just like Hawaii is to the United States. We defended Pearl Harbor for our citizens living there and military when it wasn't even a US state and just a territory. So, her comment was totally right. Would we leave one of our territories? No. Was the film maker about Britain? YES. Was it about Margaret Thatcher in a sort of biopic sense? Yes. It was written as how Margaret would see her own life. Not how someone else would see it. She would view her own life as she reflected upon her OWN LIFE. People don't often reflect on their own lives extremely negatively when the look back at the things they did that they believed was right. She was a staunch conservative. She believed that you should pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Unfortunately, in the eighties, there weren't any bootstraps. There were horrible economic times but would she see it that way? Nope, she was one of the haves. I thought it was a good film. It was entertaining. Fictional but entertaining. If you go into knowing that, you won't get your knickers in a twist. People it is just a fucking movie for fucks sakes. Get over it.