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The Grey: Liam Neeson! Versus Wolves!


Fuck you, wolf killing assholes.
^ Agreed!
Liam Neeson is a great actor. But once i saw that he was starring in a film directed the same douche bag behind movies like Narc and Smokin' Aces - i KNEW this film would be bullshit!
And fuck this wolf-murdering propaganda! SHAME on you, Liam...
These arguments are ridiculous. Insinuating that The Grey promotes "wolf-murdering" is as ludicrous as thinking the The Birds inspired a killing war against seagulls. You'd have to be a complete idiot to take this exceptional film for anything more than a work of suspenseful fiction. Thinking The Grey paints all wolves as bloodthirsty man-eaters makes as much sense as walking out of Carpenter's Halloween with the idea that all mental patients are unstoppable serial killers.
I see.

Now, TYPICALLY this is where i'd respond with some razor-sharp, snarky, insulting comment whereas i take liberties at deriding both your taste in cinema and you as a person. And then you'd probably respond back with equal vitriol. Likely, another person would comment with a barrage of personal ad-hominem attacks, childish name-calling, etc.

Maybe it's b/c i'm drinking a triple margarita as i type this - but i really just don't want to got that easy route this time.

All i'll say is, it's MY opinion that this film is wolf-murdering propaganda. I watched the trailer and that was convincing enough. NO, i don't think my personal opinion of ONE film makes me an "idiot". I still HATE this film and think that Liam Neeson ought to be ashamed of himself. That is all.