Secrets and Lies

Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and The Story of WikiLeaks


Adrian Lamo is a nark and a little bitch.
Alex Gibney has been caught out telling Fibneys about Wikileaks in his We Steal Secrets documentary and is now spreading smear articles all over the press to save his reputation. Readers should check the annotated copy of the film's script Wikileaks released the night it premiered if they want to know the truth. Lots of links provided to independent sources that prove Glibney is lying. Just scroll down the left-hand column and read all the green notes. Such as this one:…

And if that doesn't tell you this movie's not worth the $$$s to see it, nothing will. The director DELIBERATELY uses what he knows to be false evidence in the Swedish case - shows a photo (twice) of a used-looking torn condom that he got from the forensics report of the police evidence file, but chooses NOT to tell the audience that, two pages later, the same forensics report confirms they could find no DNA - not male, not female either - on a supposedly USED condom. (That's on page 77 of the report if anyone wants to find it - it's leaked on the internet). Another fact: the Swedish prosecutor received the lab report on 25 October 2010 - so she wrote out an Interpol Red Notice and an extradition warrant for Assange weeks later IN THE FULL KNOWLEDGE that one of the women (interviewed in disguise by Gibney) had handed in faked evidence to the police.

I hate rape, horrible crime. But framing an innocent man for rape is even more horrible.

Oh, by the way, Alex Gibney the director of We Steal Secrets also "reconstructs" this fictious rape using a 3D animation. Disgusting.
You hate rape?
How can we know if Assange is innocent if he absolutely refuses to face his accuses in court? His behaviours are not those of someone who is innocent.
You should know all about that Graham.