Border Crossing

Life, Death, and Drugs in Cartel Land


The Joint Terrorism Task Force is killing off poor, mentally disabled, minority, and homeless people in order to reduce the population of potential enemies of the State for the pending civil war, thus leaving a more manageable number of combatants to deal with for when the middle class lose their homes in the looming real estate bubble burst and financial markets crash, they will take to the streets with their guns. The Feds are immigrating violent drug cartel members and Islamic Jihadis who can fight the displaced Americans, thus killing two birds with one stone.

As Mayors around the country make life Hell for the homeless and intensify public hatred against them by forcing them onto the sidewalks and to defecate in doorways, people advocate an means possible to get rid of them. Ironically, by acceding to un-Constitutional measures, the precedent is set for violating everyone's Civil Rights.