Movies & TV Aug 5, 2015 at 4:20 pm

The Director on Documentaries, Rock 'n' Roll, and the Curse of Wayne's World

PENELOPE SPHEERIS A serious person! Who also made Wayne’s World.


Great interview, great woman!
Just a mention here that Penelope will be at Movie Madness on SE 44th and Belmont between 4pm and 5pm on Saturday for a signing/meet and greet BEFORE the showing of
The Decline of Western Civilization​'s 1&3 at the Hollywood.
Neither Rock and Roll, nor Rock, nor Acid Rock, nor Heavy Metal caused the decline of Western Civilization. The credit for THAT goes solely to Clive Davis who thinks that the CD was named after him for rewriting the contracts, firing the dinosaurs, and signing all the naïve Grungers from Seattle to be buttfucked.

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