Star Wars Is for Everyone

Want to Enjoy The Force Awakens? It's Easy.


Carrie Fisher is there for sentimental melodrama. She deserves better lines. As the house mother in Sorority Row 2, she delivers a fabulous performance in a better movie than you might expect. This Star Wars is fairly lame, really, but the chick is a better role than the Princess in the first episode.

There is only one scene filmed in 70mm film and the movie is projected with digital. The effect is sort of like watching a movie, broadcast over television. Compare to The Hateful Eight, which is shot entirely 65mm film and projected in 70 film Ultra Panavision.
Road Show Version
It would have been a better movie with more focus on Rey, Finn, Han, Laie and mini Darth. How did Rey turn out so good without being raised by her parents, while Han and Laie went wrong someplace with their little Trench Coat Mafiosso.