What's better than the movies? Internet movie previews! Not only are they way shorter, but they're also free--and they don't have any annoying "dialogue" or "drama" to interrupt the action!

- Sin City (in theaters April)--Robert Rodriguez teams up with comic book legend Frank Miller to adapt Miller's comic; from the looks of this trailer, audiences are in for a hard-hitting, visually stunning treat. (And now for the sentence you've been waiting a lifetime to read: Jessica Alba plays a stripper.) (www.apple.com/trailers)

- Ong-Bak (February)--This trailer grandiosely insists that Thai newcomer Tony Jaa is in the same league as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li. That's impossible, right? Um… no. Having seen an Ong-Bak bootleg, I'll vouch for Jaa--the guy's amazing. (www.apple.com/trailers)

- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (July)--This surreal, nightmare-inducing trailer--featuring Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka--hopefully heralds a return to Tim Burton's creepy, wildly imaginative former self… and a step away from his shitty efforts of late (Big Fish, Planet of the Apes). (www.apple.com/trailers)

- War of the Worlds (Summer)--Remember when Steven Spielberg was an irrefutable cinematic genius and actually made movies that were worth seeing? Well, maybe this will help jog your memory… (www.apple.com/trailers)

- Batman Begins (June)--Christian Bale plays Batman for Memento director Christopher Nolan. True, it might be a little too artsy, and it looks like it's trying too hard… but it's got to be better than Batman & Robin, right? (www.apple.com/trailers)

- Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (May)--I'm an embarrassingly huge Star Wars fanatic, so for me, this trailer is nothing less than a cinematic orgasm. Seeking a more objective opinion, I showed it to my coworker Katie, who doesn't give two shits about Star Wars. Her wildly enthusiastic verdict: a shrug, afterwards adding she was "kind of curious" to see the film. See? She loves it just as much as I do! ( www.starwars.com)