Much to the horror of poor gamers everywhere, this fall sees an amazing succession of high-profile titles being released in the span of two months. From the latest iteration of frat-favorite Madden to Blue Dragon (the next RPG to suck 80 hours out of your life), there's something available for absolutely every taste. With the release of BioShock, though, we may have seen the finest game of the season—if not the entire year—and it's still only August.

BioShock is an art-deco-saturated story detailing the fall of Rapture, an underwater bathysphere designed to house a utopian society filled with the best and the brightest. As is usually the case with these kinds of plots, something goes horrifically wrong—and by the time you arrive on the scene, the entirety of Rapture is filled with genetically altered mutants, murderous robots (is there any other kind?), and enough eerie set pieces to make John Carpenter piss himself.

So how does BioShock set itself apart as the finest game you'll play in 2007? One word: detail. From the ridiculous range of customization options (don't want to shoot that creepy little girl? Why not light her on fire, or cover her in bees?) to the stunningly rendered water effects, everything you see in Rapture really makes you feel like you've stepped into a horrible tragedy where everyone is desperately in need of some bullet holes to the face.

The only possible disappointment with the title is the lack of any sort of multiplayer. Then again, with a story and visuals as rich and immersive as these, there really isn't much room for anyone else. Leaving out multiplayer options in favor of polishing the title to its current level of shine seems to have paid off—BioShock is an adventure that most gamers will want to experience over and over again.