God Spoke, a documentary about Al Franken, is a funny and charming look at one of the nation's eminent liberals—"funny and charming," that is, if you're already a fan of Franken. If you hate him, or are even ambivalent about him, this film will be like pouring acid into every one of your orifices.

On its face, God Spoke is an unfocused mess of a documentary, jumping from one topic to another with little cohesion. Uneven clips from Franken's appearances on Saturday Night Live are interspersed with behind-the-scenes looks at Franken sparring off against Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Ann Coulter—and then there are some scenes from the Air America Studio, from Franken's USO tours, and from his possible race for senator of Minnesota. That is to say, the film is all over the place.

But, perhaps, that's the most accurate way to present Franken. On his radio show, he's just as scattershot as the film, bouncing from idea to idea without fully fleshing any of them out.

That said, Franken is at his funniest when he's not doing routines, when he's speaking off the cuff. And that's what the film has in spades. At its most basic, God Spoke is just like pallin' around with Al Franken for a couple hours—he's likeable and funny, but not a lot happens. If you're a fan of Franken, that's the film's biggest selling point—but if you're not, you're going to stab your eyes and eardrums out with a salad fork.