The chilly days of winter are a-comin'--which means it's time to sit that ass on the couch and keep it there until next May. But don't get too comfy--you've got work to do. Not only is it your responsibility to catch up on the great TV that you've missed--like The Sopranos, Freaks and Geeks, and Strangers with Candy--but don't forget these latest releases!

- The Office Special (2003)--The brilliant and short-lived BBC series returns with this Christmas-season one-shot. Ricky Gervais is back as the bumbling boss David Brent, who is still bugging the holy crap out of the employees of Wernham Hogg. The special retains the same dry-as-vermouth humor of the series, and is still as butt-clenchingly embarrassing. The only difference is a sweet emotional resonance that wraps up hanging plotlines without the slightest scent of bullshit. Awesome!

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season Seven (2002)--While other series ordinarily "jump the shark" long before their days are done, the seventh and final season of Buffy only gets more dark and complicated. One by one the teenage "slayer potentials" of the world are being knocked off, and Buffy must take on the role of the watcher to train the remaining potentials to take on the biggest baddie of them all. Plus, Xander gets his eye poked out! Awesome! Awesome!

- Smallville, The Complete Third Season (2003)--For those who didn't enjoy the comic booky aspects of season one, Smallville thankfully has grown far more complex and watchable--especially when star Tom Welling takes off his shirt! In this season, young Clark Kent develops his heat vision and super hearing, but neither helps his deteriorating relationships with Lana and Chloe--both of whom turn their back on Clark in disturbing ways. And while he doesn't get his eye poked out, Lex is sent to a mental institution where his brain is fried. Awesome! Awesome! AWESOME!