When Palm Pictures released the first round of the "Director's Label" series in 2003, the music video comps—which canonized Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham, and Michel Gondry as the holy trinity of music video directors—became must-see tokens of ADD hipsters and confirmed the auteur theory of MTV. Now that Palm's dropped the second wave of discs (all of which begin with the title The Work of Director... ), they're not exactly setting the world on fire. Could it be the largely forgettable collection of videos, or is it the fact that most of them are set to shitty songs?

The Work of Director Jonathan Glazer—The director of Sexy Beast and Birth is also an accomplished ad man, and as a result, his videos often feel far slicker than rock 'n' roll should ever be. We'll begrudgingly forgive him, thanks to his mini-masterpieces: UNKLE's "Rabbit in Your Headlights" and Radiohead's "Street Spirit."

... Anton Corbijn—This trainwreck of a collection should never have been released. You probably remember Corbijn best for the ugly "Heart Shaped Box" video, but you've likely blocked out his work with Golden Earring, the Rollins Band, Depeche Mode, and (late-era) Metallica. His DVD is a collection of his usual video themes: grainy film stock, lame Christian imagery, desert landscapes, and terrible music.

... Mark Romanek—Coming along to save this entire series is Mark Romanek, the video genius who brought us Johnny Cash's "Hurt," Jay-Z's "99 Problems," and NIN's "Closer." True, he's done plenty of videos for lame artists, but his perfectly crafted short film-like videos are always right on the money.

... Stéphane Sednoui—In the DVD's extra features, Sednoui comes off as a cool, likable guy, and he's not a bad video director by any stretch. But are you really going to sit through four-minute clips of Tricky, Garbage, U2, and Alanis Morissette? Of course not. If you remember the Chili Pepper's "Give it Away" video, you've already seen the best this DVD has to offer.