I have a friend who refuses to admit that Kurt Russell is radical. My friend is wrong. Dead wrong. Need proof? Go see Poseidon this weekend—or, if Netflixin' is more your style, kick back with this selection of Russell's acclaimed canon.

Escape from New York (1981)—As criminal Snake Plissken, it's up to Kurt Russell to save the president, who's stuck in Manhattan—which is now a maximum security prison!

The Thing (1982)—In John Carpenter's classic horror film, a shape-shifting alien preys on a bunch of guys who're stuck in an Antarctic base—and since the alien can look like any of them, they can't trust each other. Plus: Wilford Brimley! Plus: Kurt Russell! With a beard! FIGHTING AN ALIEN! (And not a lame Stargate alien, either. An awesome alien!)

Tango & Cash (1989)—Kurt Russell's radicalness is pretty much summed up in this quote from T&C: "You wanna cut my throat? Go ahead. You wanna cut my fuckin' head off and use it for a fuckin' basketball? You can bowl with the motherfucker for all I care! Just don't let him do it. I don't wanna get killed by this limey immigrant jerkoff. I wanna get killed by an American jerkoff."

Tombstone (1993)—In this Western, Kurt Russell plays Wyatt Earp. The only historical inaccuracy: Kurt Russell is actually way cooler than Wyatt Earp ever was. In fact, instead of playing Wyatt Earp, Kurt Russell should have just played himself, but in a cowboy hat. Also, he should have fought an alien.

The Mighty Ducks (1992)—Kurt Russell plays a lawyer who has to take on a bunch of brats and teach them hockey! In this heartwarming tale of compassion and teamwor—what? That was Emilio Estevez, not Kurt Russell? Ah, shit. Fuck Emilio, man! Fuck him. Kurt Russell would have been so much cooler in this! I'm just going to pretend Kurt Russell is in this movie, just like I pretend he's in everything. He was rad in Casablanca. Fuck Humphrey Bogart, man. Fuck him. ERIK HENRIKSEN