Bisexuality enjoyed its heyday immediately after the arrival of Basic Instinct in 1992. And up through the release of Basic Instinct 2 (at which time bisexuality was confirmed to be a myth), Hollywood released many a film exploring the prurient impulses of many a character—but almost always, these bisexuals were chicks, as the female bisexual proved more acceptable to the movie-going public (hence the success of Three of Hearts and Kissing Jessica Stein). But bisexual men have only been tossed tripe like Threesome. This list is for those dudes—as long as they're in denial, they may as well be watching good movies.

• Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967)—This John Huston masterpiece is great, especially because of the scene wherein a 35-year-old army wife (Liz Taylor) horsewhips her husband (Marlon Brando) at their dinner party. But it's also great for typical army-base-in-the-South kind of stuff: infidelity, voyeurism, insanity, racism, and Robert Forster riding horseback naked!

• Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills (1989)—From the creators of Eating Raoul, this is a loose remake of Jean Renoir's classic WWII film The Rules of the Game. This satiric look at life in LA has two male friends betting who can schtup the other's female employer first. The winner then gets to fuck the loser. The best line: "A thing ain't over until you can kick the dead body and it don't fart. Now you get out of my goddamn way—I'm gonna get me some Louis Vuitton."

• Kinsey (2004)—It's usually a good idea to steer away from biopics with only a surname for a title, but this one's worth your time. Liam Neeson plays the entomologist-cum-sexologist who hooks up with both Clara (Laura Linney) and Clyde (Peter Sarsgaard). Furthermore, Kinsey confirms something I've suspected for a long time: Being in a hotel room with a naked Peter Sarsgaard (no matter how small his dick) will easily increase your Kinsey Scale rating a point or two.