Vice magazine is growing a conscience. The new issue isn't as hilariously mean, and it features a photo essay about the child-sex trade, including a shattering letter from a 16-year-old prostitute from Bucharest published without even a ghost of a smile.

The new Vice Guide to Travel DVD wears the same slightly more reverent cloak, which is more interesting than Vice's usual "fuck all y'all fuckers" vibe. There are, of course, the badder-than-thou moments—David Cross eating dog in China, a correspondent getting shot at in a Rio slum, and another walking through the world's largest illegal arms market, casually talking ballistics with Jihadis.

But there's also a conscience. From the accompanying booklet: "Sitting in our Western comfort, it's easy to forget that most of the world is hell. War, disease, famine, genocide, and poverty dot the globe like chunks of cancer. Basically, humans are fucked." There are segments on Chernobyl, buying a warhead on Bulgaria's black market, and PLO training clubs where eight-year-olds learn to become suicide bombers. There's a nihilistic joy in watching the Vice crew cover the human fuckedness with a bitchin' soundtrack, but the biggest problem is a distracting sloppiness.

This paragraph, from the booklet, is a tiny example of what's right and wrong with the Vice Guide to Travel: "The first time I experienced the war-as-party-time phenomenon, I had just turned 19 and had ended up in the former Yugoslavia by mistake (vodka and Cyrillic train schedules tend to fuck one up) right as the fighting broke out and the borders were closed. It was the best time of my life. Everyone thought they were going to die, so we got drunk, fell in love, fucked it, sucked it, took drugs, and fired off machine guns just to see the tracers fly into the hills like fireflies on jet fuel. It were loverly."

"Fireflies on jet fuel" is a great, evocative phrase. "Tend to fuck one up" is awkward. And "it were loverly" is an ugly, pretentious line that needs to be cut, as does the editor who let it past. But, on balance, it's a good, adventurous paragraph.