dir. Serrano & Iborra; Thurs Sept 26, 9:30 pm

Seven couples agree to meet at kilometer 0, the supposed centerpoint of Spain. Mistaken identity, Three's Company-style shenanigans, robbery, prostitution, incest ("Oh please god, tell me I didn't just fuck my abandoned son and pay for it!"), and a jarring musical number straight out of A Chorus Line saturate this crappy Spanish film, to reveal nothing about culture, human nature, or even sex, with which the movie is gratuitously overstuffed. JEFF DEROCHE

Guardian of the Frontier
dir. Weiss; Fri Sept 27, 7 pm

At first, the filmmaking is a little confusing--it sets up like it's a horror film (technically, it's not) and meanders about for awhile. But eventually, Guardian of the Frontier emerges as an interesting look at the emerging feminism in post-war Slovenia, examining the racism and sexism of traditional Slovenia in the context of an increasingly Western, "libertine," lesbo-fostering society. Three lady friends go on a boating trip, get lost in the forest, and wrestle with their respective roles in this societal upheaval. It's really awesome to see art from other countries that are newly growing into their feminist identities. Plus, it's actually a pretty good film. JULIANNE SHEPHERD

Daddy and Papa

dir. Symons; Sat Sept 28, 4 pm

File this insufferable documentary under "gay, cloying," for its portrait of the travails affluent San Francisco gays must go through before they're allowed to adopt underprivileged minority children. Complaining about the unfairness of having to answer probing questions before taking home his new human lifestyle accessory, one of the whiny queens says, "All straight people have to do to get a baby is fuck. It's not fair!" Get a baby, like it's furniture. Fuck off. SEAN NELSON

Some Real Heat

dir. Jordan, Sun Sept 29, 1:30 pm

"Blah blah blah, we're women fire fighters, but that's not why we're interesting; we're interesting because we bitch and moan about the same boring cliché bullshit lots of women bitch about, like that everyone can't be a size five and that men are sometimes sexist. Oh, and we don't even fight one fire, we just bitch and moan." KATIE SHIMER

8 Women
dir. Ozon, Sun Sept 29, 5 pm

On the surface, jealousy is the combative common ground the film's eight women share in the home of a murdered man--who is a husband, a father, a brother, a son-in-law, and a philanderer in relation to the various characters. The women candidly sing and dance to their inner feelings, while hiding away their jealousies or hurling bold suspicions at one another. Costume adjustments--buttons coming undone as emotions burst forth, layers stripped to reveal softer underpinnings--speak as loudly as the women do, becoming a narrator for the film and demonstrating once more the silent language that bonds the eight very different personalities as they rage and roil, desperate to prove their innocence. KATHLEEN WILSON