Did you know the Catholic Church uses trained killer-priests to hunt down the Devil's disciples and whack them? No? Then you missed these recent Vatican Hit Squad movies:

Bram Stoker's Shadowbuilder (1998)-- Burly Michael Rooker stars as a pill-poppin', pistol-packin' padre with a haunted past who tries to stop Satan from seizing the soul of a 12-year-old boy born without Original Sin. Fast-paced fun supposedly based on short story by Dracula's creator.

End of Days (1999)--When Vatican assassins fail to stop Lucifer from raising Hell on New Year's Eve, it's up to burned-out New York cop Arnold Schwarzenegger to save the world. Standard action fare with gothic trappings and entertaining performance by Gabriel Byrne as His Evilness.

Minion (1999)--Slavic Dolph Lungren as a former Russian soldier--turned--Catholic hit man who prays over the Satanists he kills. So cheap they never show the Devil in the guns-and-kickboxing finale.

Stigmata (1999)--Inept Vatican assassins can't stop possessed Patricia Arquette from revealing an unpublished book of the Bible that warns against organized religion. This time Gabriel Byrne plays the disillusioned priest who protects her from an incompetent holy hit squad.