Curb your end-of-summer lament with these short subjects: Midgets having sex with full-sized folk! Whee!

Mondo Extreme Volume 16: Getting a Little--Sometimes a little goes a long way; these scenes of dwarves fucking are a prime example. Yeah, the box cover says they're midgets but that's because there aren't any cool names that rhyme with "dwarf." Cute, horny Bridget gets it on with too-fuckable Bruno Dos Santos after she jills off. Video quality could be better but shit, man--it's dwarves fucking!

Bridget the Midget's Tattoo Menu-- Bridget's hot bi pal takes her to Big Daddy's Tattoo. It's not long before the girls are grinding tunas in a most unhygienic manner. When two health inspectors wander into the parlor, they have no choice but to stuff their man-sausages into the more popular female spots. It's good to be a tattooed American, dammit.

Bridget the Midget Gangbang--In these days of gangbang videos featuring centuries worth of men, five hardly seems like a gangbang anymore. But when the star only stands 3'10", maybe that changes things a bit. This multi-dude schlong buffet doesn't feature the first string of dream-hung talent, but they're enthusiastic, affectionate and attentive to their brazenly voracious half-pint.