tinseltown, stumptown

With the hubbub surrounding the filming of The Hunted in our fair city, you'd think it was the first time a movie has been shot here. Think again, buster, because the Portland area has been home to many a movie--some excellent, some so-so, and some not worth the celluloid they're printed on. Here's a handful (sans the obvious Van Sant references):

Batman Forever (1995)--Yes, the Val Kilmer installment in the Caped Crusader, post-Burton era of crap had a scene shot at the Corbett Hill Circle.

Body of Evidence (1993)--Not even Willem Dafoe could raise this movie above its status as Madonna's soft-core Basic Instinct rip-off.

Brain Smasher...A Love Story (1993)--Andrew "Dice" Clay and Teri Hatcher star! Featuring a stunt where the Dice Man and the Former Miss Lane jump off the Galleria skywalk onto a passing Max train.

Hear No Evil (1993)--This has one of the worst titles I can think of for a Marlee Matlin film. The opening murder/robbery scene was filmed at Lewis & Clark College's Manor House.

Men of Honor (2000)--Old Town became Harlem for this Robert De Niro/Cuba Gooding, Jr. drama. It was called Navy Diver during filming, which must not have tested well in Middle America.

Mr. Holland's Opus (1995)--Grant High School was home for this tearjerker featuring Richard Dreyfuss, William H. Macy and Alicia Witt (best known as "Alia" in David Lynch's Dune).

Pay It Forward (2000)--Apparently a "bridge scene" from this two-hour cure for insomnia was shot here.

Short Circuit (1986)--Who can forget the lovable piece of military hardware known as Johnny 5, or the theme song by El DeBarge?

The Temp (1993)--A post-"Twin Peaks" and pre-"The Practice" Laura Flynn Boyle stars with Timothy Hutton in this Fatal Attraction-meets-temp agency vehicle.

Zero Effect (1998)--Surprisingly decent Sherlock Holmes homage starring Ben Stiller and Bill Pullman. Written and directed by first-timer Jake Kasdan (son of Lawrence). Murray Cizon