The Films of Paul Verhoeven

Dutch native Paul Verhoeven's films are of a different breed. He makes big-budget Hollywood attractions--filled with violence and sex--that really showcase his personal hatred for all of humanity. I can totally relate. Now, don't crap your pants because I didn't include Starship Troopers on this list; it rocks, we all know that. Here are a few other of his American films that didn't do so well at the box office, but warrant a good (re)viewing.

Enjoy, or, as they say in Dutch, Gerrrfflluggenshpelt!

Hollow Man (2000)--Or "The Movie That Saved Summer 2000." Many may disagree. I hear your cries. The plot is nearly invisible, the characters are opaque, but still you should watch. Why? Because, NEVER have I seen better use of computer-generated effects than in this film. The effects are elegant and beautiful, instead of just distracting. Kevin Bacon, as Sebastian Caine, is his usually smarmy self, and of course he drops trou as he has done in almost all of his films. Elisabeth Shue costars and proves, once and for all, she is a hateful alcoholic bitch. So, turn off your brain and just enjoy the campy comicbook style and amazing effects.

Showgirls (1995)--Or "The Best Movie Ever." Again, I hear your cries. Weep not for what you cannot change. I do not love this film just because I am a fag. I love it because it is bad in all the right ways, and is part of what I like to call, "Paul Verhoeven's Great American Sociological Freakout." What is PVGASF? It works like this: He makes a sweet stinker like Showgirls, exhibiting a terrible script, abominable acting, enormous amounts of graphic sex, and it tanks. But then, just two years later, he releases the same film, stealthily calls it Starship Troopers, and slyly changs sex to violence. Of course, people shit the bed and see it 14 times. 'Nuff said?

Flesh & Blood (1985)--or "What the Ye Olde Fuck?" Okay, so I'm all into sword and sorcery stuff, especially if it was made in the '80s, (i.e. LadyHawke, Dragonslayer, etc.), but this flick left me a little dry. It's too much all at once, with nothing really going on... but! There were boobs galore. Wait... do I see a pattern emerging? Kill, tits, ass, kill. Kill, tits, ass, kill. Oh, I love you Paul, please come to Portland and be my mentor or maybe my daddy... please. M. LON FREE