Women On the Verge

Hey ladies! Ever think you're on the verge of launching off the deep end? All you need is a little perspective, I swear. Watch these flicks and ask yourself, "How would I solve this problem if I were in her shoes?" You'll be all the saner for it.

Safe (1995)--Julianne Moore plays a surprisingly uncharacteristic meek housewife. Nothing goes on in her super boring life other than ordering new furniture, getting her hair done, and starting a new diet--so she starts to go all wacky. Suddenly she's allergic to thousands of airborne toxins (hairspray, exhaust, perm solution). So allergic, in fact, that she has nose bleeds, the vomits, panic attacks, etc. Crazy J then heads off to an environmental compound to improve her tolerance--but are chemicals really the problem?

Betty Blue (1986)--On top of being a beautifully shot and completely engrossing film, Betty Blue also starts out with an extremely hot sex scene. New lovers struggle to make ends meet by painting cabanas on the French Riviera. When the big boss pisses Betty off, however, she goes manic and starts trashing everything in sight. The problem is, staying in one place brings out Betty's psychosis, so the two of them are forced to take off to the city. There, Betty tries desperately to get her beau Zorg's book published because she loves him and thinks he's written the next friggin' Ulysses or something--yet she can't hold down a job. The lovers eventually settle in a little town, but of course stagnation makes Betty go wild once again. Can true love bring Betty back to reality, or is she too far gone?

Gaslight (1944)--This film has caused the coining of a new term here at the Mercury--Gaslighting. It should be used as such; "Quit gaslighting me you fucker, my keys were just here," or "I think my boyfriend is gaslighting me, he calls me a bitch every morning and denies it every night." Anyhow, you get the picture. This spectacular film features Ingrid Bergman as a new wife who lives with her husband in her murdered-aunt's town house. Once hubby has her alone, he makes Ingrid think she's kooky by telling her how tired she looks and confining her to the house. For the most part, she has her wits about her, but time takes it's toll and she starts to question reality. Her husband's creepy motives may bang yet another nail into "relationships with men" coffin for you girls, but will also make you much more aware of when your mate is fucking with you for his own selfish purposes. Then you can use the phrase: "Quit gaslighting me, you sick fuck."