Fall Means Fur

Now, who doesn't love a hairy chest? It is a thing of splendor; like a warm puppy with which to cuddle. Okay... so my cover is blown, I dig men with fur. You too?? Yay!! Then watch these video picks, starring some super fine and (best of all) furry guys.

The Opposite of Sex (1998, Dir. Don Roos)--When a 16-year-old tramp (Christina Ricci) shows up on her brother's doorstep, little does he know she is the devil in a tight red dress, with sights set on seducing his gay lover, Ivan Sergei (whose long sinewy body just happens to be lovingly accented with long wisps of dark, luscious hair). Thank god he has the decency, unlike many a young star, not to shave his beautiful chest. Go hair!! Although Sergei is not the star of this fine indie flick, his poolside scenes with Ricci make him a standout in the ensemble cast, also featuring Lisa Kudrow, Martin Donovan, Lyle Lovett, and Johnny Galecki.

The Living End (1992, Dir. Gregg Araki)--This flick rocked my friggin' world when it was released. Two HIV-positive gents, Luke (Mike Dytri) and Jon (Craig Gilmore)--no biblical symbolism, I'm sure--meet up and decide to go on a rampage by robbing banks, having public sex, and living by their new motto, "Fuck the World." Jon just also happens to have one of those dark and downy pelts that drives me totally cuckoo! This film is sort of anti-Philadelphia, tackling AIDS head on with no crying, no remorse, no pussy-footing, and NO TOM HANKS!!!!!

The Bedroom Window (1987, Dir. Curtis Hanson)--Terry (Steve Guttenburg) whose chest hair is used almost like body paint to outline his chiseled muscles, is having an affair with an exotic French woman (Isabelle Huppert), who just happens to be the wife of his boss. Ooops! One night, during one of her visits to Terry's apartment, Huppert witnesses a rape outside the bedroom window. But of course she can't report it, because their affair would be exposed. So nice guy Terry steps in and calls the cops to say he witnessed the attack. Director Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential) gives many nods to Hitchcock and spins a nifty, hairy-chested little thriller.

So, boys, if you got it (hair, that is)--flaunt it!