Travel = Satan

Ever noticed when you're setting out for your favorite vacation spot Satan always seems to pop up? He's either the foul-smelling guy squished up next to you on the Amtrak or the overly talkative woman on the plane eating hard-boiled eggs. Well, these fine films showcase a handful of situations where Satan or his followers are hell-bent on not letting the protagonists have any sort of R & R, whatsoever!

Jeepers Creepers (2001)--Two attractive teens are on their way home from college through the nondescript mid-western countryside. All of the sudden... Was that guy pulling bloody bodies out of the back of his truck? Before you can say "stupid teenagers," the meat wagon is on their tail wanting another piece. A supreme beginning, dripping with dread and tension, turns silly and CG midway, but the demon is a master predator and the overarching ruthless style of the film makes it watchable and ultimately unique.

• Race With The Devil (1975)--Motorcycle monkeys Peter Fonda and Warren Oates take their wives to Aspen, Colorado for a big bike race. While driving through Texas in their enormous RV, they stumble upon a group of bloodthirsty Satanists in the middle of a human sacrifice. Soon our two couples are on the run from everyone, because it seems that EVERYONE in the great state of Texas are Satanists (G.W.??).

• Highway 61 (1992)--Don McKellar (Last Night) stars in and co-wrote this script, in which a mild-mannered Canadian barber, Pokey Jones, finds a dead body in his backyard. A beautiful, crazy-toothed woman (Valerie Buhagiar) appears claiming the stiff is her brother. She enlists Jones to transport the coffin on top of his car, due south to their family home in New Orleans. Along the way, though, who should pop up? Of course... Jello Biafra as a border cop, but more importantly the Devil himself, looking for souls to steal and community bingo matches to ruin. Oh, that Satan. He's so damn impolite! M. LON FREE