Thirty years ago, our President was an underhanded, psychotic scoundrel (and coincidentally, so is the man currently slouching in the oval office). But in 1974, this president actually resigned (thanks to the power of the press) for his alleged involvement in a widespread scandal. And, like the JFK assassination, everyone has their take on what really happened. Need some help? Then these three picks will help you get a little more cozy with the man they called...Dick.

All the President's Men (1976, Dir. Alan J Pakula)--Floppy hairstyles aside, this is one smart flick. Pakula uses his flair for the thriller (Klute, The Parallax View) to woo us along as Woodward and Bernstein explain the twisty story of Watergate. Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford exude '70s savvy as they put all the pieces together to bring down a president and rewrite the codes of conduct for those in power...kind of.

Dick (1999, Dir. Andrew Fleming), like, these two totally wacky teenage girls, Michelle Williams (Dawson's Creek) and Kirsten Dunst (Bring it On), are on a super fun White House tour, when they totally get lost and stuff. But then they discover that Dick (Nixon that is) is up to his dirty tricks, when they accidentally stumble into his office. So naturally, Dick puts them on the payroll as the President's official dogwalkers. The characters are extremely exaggerated and the laughs are all real--unlike Kirsten's allegedly "real" breasts.

Nixon (1995, Dir. Oliver Stone)--Taken in the right vein, this typically heavy-handed and skewed Olly Stone history lesson is a big barrel of fun. Anthony Hopkins as Dick Nixon is a scary, pill-popping, psychotic alcoholic; just the type of guy you want with his finger on the big red button. Think of it as Nixon, à la Showgirls. With a big production budget, it's overblown and inaccurate and borders on camp and parody. Check out the director's cut for a deleted scene where Sam Waterston, as the head of the CIA, wields his Satan-like power and clues us in to the fact that the X-Files actually started long ago. M. LON FREE