Lincoln Navigator with the 20-inch rims... 48 thousand.

Passing the Courvoisier... 75 a bottle.

Platinum grill done up tight... 400 a tooth.

Keeping a little soul in a soulless world... Priceless.

As our society continually tries to homogenize the world we live in, here's a couple of brothers that be keepin' it on the ups.

• I'm Bout It (1997)--The rags-to-riches story of Master P... as told by himself. See how P be bout it, coming up from the slums of New Orleans, giving up the crack game for the rap game to create one of the more successful labels in music. Crude filmmaking and acting combine to create a MASTERPiece.

• Devil in a Blue Dress (1995)--As a throwback to the period detective genre, this story breaks the conventions of Honkywood by portraying this Philip Marlowe-esque character as black. Set in a racist '40s L.A., it follows Denzel Washington as a man thrust into corruption and deceit when he is hired to find a politician's daughter.

• Putney Swope (1969)--Dissension ensues as an error in strategy elects the token black board member to gain control of a large advertising firm. Instead of becoming a lackey for the executives, Putney brings in his homies to shake things up and add a new soul to advertising. DAVID MORGAN