For some Americans--the original Americans, that is--Thanksgiving sucks. To them, it signifies white cronies stomping around on a golf course built atop their ancestral burial grounds, slapping each other high-fives while their wives and children lie around the house like engorged, overstuffed marshmallows, watching the squawking TV. If you are one of the marshmallows who must spend a portion of Thanksgiving in front of a squawking TV, here are a few suggestions that feature Native Americans and have nothing to do with Turkey Day.

• Smoke Signals (1998)--In this bittersweet road trip movie, young Coeur d'Alene Indian Victor is faced with an annoying conundrum. He must journey to Arizona to collect the remains of his estranged, recently departed father, but hasn't enough money. Enter Thomas Builds-the-Fire, the tribe dork. He offers to financially help Victor, but on one condition--he gets to go along. This movie is probably so realistic because it was written (Sherman Alexie) and directed (Chris Eyre) by Native Americans.

• Black Robe (1991)--This film takes place in 17th century North America and chronicles the trials of a young Jesuit priest whose forlorn mission is to convert the Huron Indians of the Quebec wilderness. In the midst of breathtaking scenery and deft cinematography, this movie proves undoubtedly that, like the church, the white man's horrifying greed is completely undiscriminating; the Native Canadians were just as fucked by the French as the Native Americans were fucked by the English.

• Thunder Warrior (1983)--A no-brainer. Literally. This movie is a modern spaghetti western with revenge under the hood. A Native American named Thunder returns home from Vietnam to find that Whitey is building a strip mall on top of Granddad. This, along with flagrant racial overtures and beatings from redneck locals, causes him to go berserk and destroy everything within his power, which is apparently immense. The Natives finally get a taste of sweet, sweet revenge in this near-mirror of Stallone's First Blood. LANCE CHESS