gaga for sawa

Oh, those blessed Canadians. As if I wasn't already pleased as punch with their near-perfect race thanks to the likes of Keanu Reeves, Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox, and many more--I've just discovered sandy-haired Devon Sawa. MmmMM! Sawa has starred in a slew of forgettable teen movies, but unlike most forgettable teen actors, the dude can act, and makes interesting choices to prove it.

Final Destination (2000)--Thanks to the popularity of its recently released sequel, most are familiar with this flick's terrific hook. With rugged determination, Sawa plays a kid who has a premonition of doom as he and his French class board a plane to fly to Paris. He freaks out, makes his class get off the plane, and sure enough, the thing blows sky high. But because they were all supposed to die on that plane, they now owe Death a fee, and Death's a comin' to collect...

SLC Punk! (1999)--The story of Stevo (Matthew Lillard), an anarchist living in Salt Lake City in the '80s who must make a choice between moving on with his life via college, and continuing to kill himself with beer and drugs. The usually obnoxious Lillard is perfect here, carrying the film through scenes of both hilarity and pathos without missing a beat. Of course Sawa makes a brief, but memorable appearance as an acid freak burn-out, his baby blues practically rolling in their sockets.

Idle Hands (1999)--A young Sawa's hand gets inexplicably possessed and goes on a killing spree. This film's a cut above other stupid teen gross-out flicks thanks largely to the physical comedy of Sawa, who battles his constantly wriggling hand with hilarious results. You will die laughing at the scene in which he loses a battle with the appendage, and it picks up a cat and throws it out the window. Seth Green and Elden Hensen compliment Sawa's manic energy as his perpetually stoned, zombified neighbors, and the smokin' hot Jessica Alba rounds out the lust end of the spectrum. A near-perfect movie. JUBB SANDERS