golden girls

When the Golden Girls debuted on NBC in 1985, few thought it would survive among other youth-obsessed sitcoms of the day--but not only did it survive, it prospered. However that's not all these geriatric girlies are famous for! Look for these star vehicles in between repeats of the Girls on Lifetime.

• Lake Placid (1999)--Betty White is famous for her work with animal rights groups and for her filthy potty mouth; perfect criteria for playing the role of Mrs. Bickerman, a reclusive foul-mouth who harbors and feeds a giant gator terrorizing the seemingly "placid" lake. Betty steals the show (as usual), talking trash and protecting her hillbilly paradise. It's unsurprising that even a 500-foot CG alligator can't upstage the divine Miss W!

• Mame (1974)--This late-in-life Lucille Ball vanity project is an exercise in tedium and the effects of cigarette smoking on the vocal cords. Lucy plays famed left-of-center playgirl Mame Dennis, who inherits custody of her young nephew, and is expected to raise him as a good conservative Christian, not a free-thinking freak. Even Bea Arthur as her boozy straight talking gal-pal Vera Charles cannot stop this mess from being the Glitter of the '70s.

• Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1992)--I wish she would have shot! But seriously folks... this movie is not as bad as you might have heard. It's an amusing comedy, showcasing Estelle Getty's expert comic timing as Sly Stallone's meddling mother. This was during the "I'm funny" Stallone phase, but it's Getty who gets all the laughs, as she tries to protect her cop son from the big mean baddies.

• Starship Troopers (1997)--With all the huge exploding bugs and youthful fleshy asses parading around this flick, you just might miss Rue McClanahan as the stoic biology teacher. Rue is gritty, mean, and steals the scenes she's in... Blanche Deveraux would have surely approved! BRIAN BRAIT