when animals attack iii: The Incessant Continual Attack of Even More Animals

Okay, we've all but established that if animals (any of them) wanted to, they could totally waste us. So rally the troops, puny humans. Call out your guard. Tarzan, Aquaman, Stuart AndersonÉ hell even Dr. Doolittle can't save you now, because they're back! Again! (Sigh) And even the most flattering Disney movie won't placate their bloodthirsty howls of "Die human die!!" (That is, if they could talk, of course.)

- Frogs (1972)--Froggy went a' courtin' indeed! A' courtin' death! The frogs and their nocturnal swamp brethren emerge to harass and poison a mustache-free Sam Elliott, who plays a nature photographer surrounded by a group of soon-to-be-dead millionaires.

- Link (1986)--Let's face it, monkeys are evil. This is an undisputed fact. And when Link the Orangutan is forced to butler for Terrence Stamp, hotty assistant Elisabeth Shue and a whole buttload of chimps, well that spells P-O-S-T-A-L. If, of course monkeys could spell, or deliver the mail. My point is, orangutans are strongÉ and evil.

- Day of the Animals (1977)--Watching this film made me realize what this genre is really about. Societal fears are taken to their most extreme in horror movies. In the '50s it was Martians (Communism) and giant women (feminism), in the '60s, lycanthropy (hippies) and cultism (Manson). By the time we reached the ecologically enlightened '70s it was "eco-horror" or reaping what we had sown as a consumer based culture. Since then, our fear has been quelled or ignored, and we've moved on to "scarier" themes such as random mass-murderers and cyber-horror. However, the fact remains; we still share the planet with, and are outnumbered by, breathing entities whom one day, in one way or another, may take us out. I'm thinking microbial. Oh yeah, this movie has Leslie Nielson and is about berserk animals that kill people because they're fucked up over some ozone shit. LANCE CHESS