the dream team

Bacall and Bogie came close. Tom and Meg tried. But no Hollywood couple has ever had more magic or chemistry than Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Between the two, they have everything a man, woman, or pedophile could possibly want.

- The Lost Boys (1987)--Hands down, the best vampire movie ever made. Corey Haim and his family move to a town teeming with the undead. His older brother (a still-ripe Jason Patric) gets swept up in the wrong crowd (as one is want to do when one has a crush on a half-vampire with nice boobies) and Haim enlists a ruthless vampire killer (Feldman) to straighten things out. Lots of hotness and stakings ensue. All in all, a delicious cast anchored by the dramatic stylings of Corey I and Corey II.

- Dream A Little Dream (1989)--The Coreys star as two friends who have sleepovers every night and share all manner of clothing and hair styling products. One (Feldman) has a thing for impersonating Michael Jackson in order to win over the most popular girl in school (played by Meredith Salenger, the quintessential piece of '80s ass). The other (Haim) hobbles around on a cane trying to get the other one out of trouble-- but only in the way he manages to get them both into even more trouble.

- License to Drive (1988)--This movie features the Dream Team trying to answer the most important question any adolescent could be faced with: what do you do if you trick the girl of your dreams (a then unknown Heather Graham) into going out with you right before you fail your driver's test and, then, have no way to pick her up? I don't want to ruin it for you, but let's just say it involves a stolen Cadillac and much hijinks. J. B. RABIN