Scruffy Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo is everybody's sexy/scruffy ex-boyfriend, the adorable yet flawed man you can't help but luv, and totally want to boff. He's hot, human, and just a little crazy under the surface. Mr. Scruffalo has been doing his swaggery schtick for over a decade, but has only recently blipped on people's radar. Here are a few of his best--most featuring generous ass shots.

- You Can Count on Me (2000)--The flick that set it off for Mr. Scruffy. Laura Linney and the Scruff-master star as bro and sis, Terry and Sammy, coming to terms with the opposite directions their lives have taken since their tragic childhood. The story chronicles a short time in which a broke Ruffalo comes to live with his sister. The interplay between the two and the writing/directing by Kenneth Lonergan is a showpiece of tight independent filmmaking.

- XX/XY (2002)--Besides the dozen or so amazing Ruffalo ass shots in this contemporary love triangle, there are some wonderful subtle insights into modern love. The film follows the course of three party-time NYC college students (Ruffalo, Kathleen Roberts, Maya Stange) through a turbulent year of drinking, fucking, and acting stupid--all set to awesome early '90s alt music. Flash forward 10 years into the future, and a chance meeting brings the threesome back into contact. The sparks haven't faded, even though their new lives and loves create some serious obstacles.

- In The Cut (2003)--A huge box office flop that's actually a great feminist noir thriller, chronicling the erotic relationship between Mark Ruffalo's penis and Meg Ryan's vagina. Women are being "disarticulated" in New York City and some of the body parts end up in Ms. Ryan's garden. Enter Detective Scruffy to investigate what is under Meg's dress. Is he the killer? All signs point to YESÉ but don't be fooled. Sometimes a spade is not a spade (hint, hint). Great bit parts performed by Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kevin Bacon help flesh out the story, lovingly adapted and directed by Jane Campion (The Piano). BRIAN BRAIT